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Latest Upload: Heartrace

Zhe Nhir is an electronic musician from Sydney, Australia. Born in 1991 he started creating electronic music at 15 and sharing it on private torrent sites. The releases were put out on the now dead lonelyrobo netlabel until 2008. In 2009 three more albums were released only on private torrent sites. Zhe Nhir then attempted to make 4 albums at once, abandoned at least one of them, merged some of them together, attempted to write himself a description that didn't sound like he wrote it and now we're here.

All current albums have been uploaded to the Music page
I'm working on compiling these songs into a single compilation and a new release
Here's some videos in the meantime

Follow when i'm uploading new music by liking Zhe Nhir on Facebook.. this would also be the best way to contact me until I set up an e-mail server. The Links section will serve as everything else for the time being. There you will find credits of everyone who helped do this and links to all the old (and some newer) material across the web.